A 12 hour trip to Portland, OR.

I finally got an appointment with a tattoo artist I’ve been wanting to do work with. Whenever she opens her books she always gets booked immediately, so when I saw the opportunity I went for it. Two weeks from when she booked me, I was headed to Portland! Portland is a 3- 3.5 hour drive from Seattle WITHOUT traffic. Luckily we left in time to not get stuck in a ton, but boy is it an exhausting and boring drive. For those familiar with I-5, it really isn’t a scenic view anywhere you go, but I wasn’t in search of a pretty view, my mission was to get to PDX and back in one day. We left Seattle at around 8 am and made it to PDX at 11:30.

I pull up to Cowgirl Tattoo located in the Belmont neighborhood and it was really secretive and not flashy at all. After talking to Lily (the owner) she said it was her mission to make her tattoo shop a safe space for her clients. Often times when you go into an all male tattoo shop you feel judged and quite frankly many can be super rude. So, she doesn’t want to draw those unwanted “douche” customers to her studio, which I respect. When I walked in, her shop was literally my dream place, the perfect mix of simple art work and cowgirl chic.

I didn’t get a ton of pictures since she told me she was still in the process of finishing the decor. When I go back I will post updated renovations. Lily was a kind human who actually donates a part of your payment to animal non profits. I got a tattoo for my mom. I’ve been wanting a mom tattoo, but never wanted your typical heart with a mom banner across it. I wanted it to be special and something that reminded me of us. My mom and I used to always joke around and call each other heifers so this tattoo nails us to a T. I am absolutely obsessed with it and I can’t wait to work with Lily in the future.

Of course after an hour of getting a tattoo it was time to eat. Luckily Belmont isn’t too far from the Hawthorne district, which is where one of my fav Mexican food places is and they like to pack the HEAT. It also doesn’t hurt that Hawthorne is full of all the most amazing secondhand stores. Now, when I say I love this place it isn’t just because the food is good, the interior design in this place is me AF. If you know who designed it, send them over to decorate my home.

Por que no is vibrant and fun. Immediately when we got there, there was a huge line. No surprise. They had the sweetest gal ask if we wanted drinks while we waited. Having a Jarritos and Margherita in hand def makes the line speed by. I ordered 3 tacos ( al pastor, carne asada, and pescado), which not to anyones surprise were delicious and SPICY. Heather ordered the pescado and camarones tacos, she likes seafood. we shared some chips and guac, which actually tasted like avocado. I hate when places jack the guac up with lemon. I get it you’re trying to preserve the green color, but GAH DAMN thats a lot of citrus, just another great thing about Por que no.

Of course I did a ton of shopping, but I could talk about shopping all day. If you got time to kill, shopping and eating is probably the best thing to do in Portland.

Living my best life,


About me.

IMG_2547I just recently graduated college and decided I needed something to fill this empty void in my life and have always had a passion for food and fashion. One of my dearest friends Karya introduced me to the influencer and blogging world and I was willing to give it a try. Now this isn’t  a blog solely meant for the purposes of making it big or trying to make money off it. This is just me sharing my love for food and clothing as well as welcoming you all in to the exciting and strange life of Arizona.


I am a manager at a resell store in Seattle. I have worked there for 3 years now and it’s a wonderful company and allows me to express myself through clothing. I have always been had an eye for clothing and trends since I was younger, and maybe that has to do with my Aunt who I have been obsessed with since I was younger and was bright eyed and bushy tailed as she would swipe her credit card for a $200 pair of jeans. When I was younger I thought she was insane for paying that much money but I now understand that you have to pay money for quality things… or maybe it’s just a matter of shopping smart which I plan to share my tips and tricks on eventually.

IMG_E6289I have always been a huge fan of food, all foods and as I have gotten older become a wine connoisseur. I can thank this passion to my mother who always makes me try crazy things and raves about food, it’s her favorite past time. I hope that one day when I’m in my 40’s ill be as cool as my mom and also be in a weekly wine club. Who knows, maybe i’ll start one now. Food is not only captivating to me because of the flavors and the dances it make me do as I eat, but also because it’s a form of art. Don’t get me wrong, I love indulging in a fine dining meal, but I also love a good piece of fried food.



On this blogging journey I hope to share my eats and OOTD’s as I float around the Puget Sound and take vacations. in the meantime here is 10 fun facts about me:

  1. IMG_4083Yes, my name is Arizona, like the state.
  2. No I am not from Arizona. I grew up in Sacramento, CA and am currently  living in Seattle, WA.
  3. I work with 2nd hand clothing because I care a lot about the environmental impacts that fast fashion has on the Earth.
  4. My favorite movie is Karate Kid.
  5. I have 6 tattoos and possibly counting (don’t tell my family)
  6. My favorite color is mustard yellow, which also happens to be my favorite condiment.
  7. My favorite brand is Samantha Pleet
  8. I am a middle child and have two brothers.
  9. My favorite food  is fried chicken.
  10. The place I want to travel to most is Thailand.

I’ll see you on the next post.

Living my best life,