Hotter Than Hell: I wish..

It’s summer in Seattle, but it’s still cloudy and gloomy. This is both a curse and a blessing. Im thankful for the low temperatures because it is easy to layer and throw on that statement jacket that completes your outfit. You can take an outfit from casual to chic with just a few details. I want to share my go to pieces that can elevate your outfit in an instant.

First off, when getting ready in the morning, I try to pick one statement piece that I want my outfit to highlight and revolve. In this case it was this super cute Brandy Melville “Hotter than Hell” tee. The tee has a cute bubbly 70’s font, and if you didn’t know, the 70’s and 90’s are in full effect in fashion right now. The tee is pretty basic, so it was easy to style around.

I grabbed my favorite pair of Good American jeans, which have 6 grommets on the bottom and an option to lace a bow through. I decided to remove the bow so it wouldn’t be too busy in the ankle area. Now, if you haven’t tried on a pair of Good American’s, you are missing out. Khloe Kardashian nailed the fit of curvy women, being that she is a curvy gal herself. I always struggle to find jeans that fit my body since I have a small waist and a huge butt. The key to a dreamy pair of denim is all in the spandex content! Good American can retail from $100- $200, but check your local Nordstrom Rack and trust me you’ll find a pair for under $50.

My shoes are studded white booties by Dolce Vita. I love these shoes because they’re business in the front, party in the back. A classic pair of white shoes always make an outfit look chic.

This jacket is by Free People and let me tell you, it is a dream! I love the oversized fit and FP definitely knows how to make a boxy fit. It is in a baby pink (millennial pink) color and if I could make my whole wardrobe this color, I would! The details on the jacket were definitely a selling point. I love how its in a moto style but canvas material, leather can definitely weigh you down. Are you dying over the lace up sides?

Now, once you have your basics together, the accessories are key to making a look, A LOOK. I started out with this DOLLSKILL hat that is subtle yet fun. The moons rotating around it, give it character. I love throwing on a hat, especially when my hair is frizzy because of all the moisture in the air. I decided to throw on all my statement rings, I love a good turquoise! If you have the bling, flaunt it. I’ve collected all these rings second hand from consignment stores. Sterling silver and any stones can get pricy at full retail, but if you have a Buffalo Exchange around you, check the jewelry case! They are always stacked with good rings. My favorite thing to wear with almost every outfit is a good ascot. I rarely leave the house without a handkerchief/ scarf around my neck. The one I’m wearing in the photo I stole from my dad and is just a basic black bandana. Tan from Queer Eye would agree that tying an ascot around your neck elevates a look. Lastly, to tie this southwestern vibe together I grabbed my favorite cow hide and pony hair bag. This bag is by Primecut in Portland, they are ethically made and hand dye all their shearling themselves. They just recently got picked up by a huge retailer, so they may have a small selection at Anthropologie. It is always important to support a small business first, before heading to the masses.


All these photos were shot by a dear friend and wonderful photographer Karya Shanilec in Wallingford, Seattle.

Living my best life,


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