I’ve been dying to find a way to style this crazy yarn jacket. It’s clearly a jacket you would see a rave or festival gal wear, which is definitely not me, but I do love a good statement coat. I am obsessed with this look because it really highlights the 70’s vibes I’ve been going for, while also highlighting my two new designer pieces I picked up last weekend.  Recently, all I’ve been picking up when I go to Nordstrom/ Nordstrom Rack is Rebecca Minkoff, she has been pulling all my love strings, so of course I bought the purse and shoes pictured, they’re a perfect pairing. I will link what I can for this outfit. Garments that I buy, do sell out quickly and/or find second hand.

Jacket: Nasty Gal ( I couldn’t find my exact coat, but I did find a coat similar with the shag texture.)

Tee: Free People

Pants: Everlane

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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How I turned a pair of old jeans and craft store flowers into a show stopper

My work holiday party was coming up and I knew that I had to have one of the best looks, since I work in fashion. I was brainstorming what I wanted, and I stumbled upon the thought of 3D floral pieces. I looked all over ASOS trying to find 3D floral embellishments and there was nothing I liked. NOTHING. Not to mention they wanted $200+ for their cute occasion wear.

It’s no surprise to the people who know me, that I’m obsessed with Red Hot Chili Peppers and there are these pants that flea used to wear when they played shows that I’ve always admired.

Talk about some cool pants. I decided that I was going to make these pants but with flowers. I hit up dollar tree and Joann’s and purchased so many flowers, they probably thought I was planning a wedding. I don’t know how to use a sewing machine.. I only know how to use a needle and thread and this definitely made my work 10x longer, but 9 hours and an anxiety attack later, I had exactly what I had envisioned.

The perfect floral pants!! Now, these may look pretty on the outside, but it’s a thread MESS on the inside. I’m not a fashion designer and I didn’t go to school for fashion, I’m just a gal with crazy ideas. They were made with love and I was so excited to wear them and show my staff!

Here are a few pictures from the holiday party and the official debut of the pants.

Unfortunately my pants slowly lost a total of 6 flowers throughout the night.

Outfit details:

Shoes: Target

Bodysuit: Buffalo Exchange

Pants: Good American with my floral touch

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Balenciaga in black

While in Fortworth, there was a Balenciaga archive at the Kimbell. Forgive me for some of the photos I took, the museum kept the room very dark so everything looks brown? I decided to make the photos in black and white. I also took these on my iPhone so it’s safe to say this isn’t A+ work. I’m super into fashion so this was very exciting for me and I hope you guys are just as hyped on it as I was. The looks are all from the 60’s and were out on display.


The museum showed rough sketches, and a little bit of background on Balenciaga. It was really cool seeing his work before his death, instead of all these sock tennis shoes every famous person ever wears.


Hope you guys enjoy!

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Magnolia: Fixer Upper

I did way too many fun things while I was in Texas so today you’ll get a double post!

I don’t know anyone who isn’t a huge Chip and Jo Gaines fan. They are very popular in my household, so it’s a no brainer when an opportunity arises  to go to their flagship store, Magnolia. Luckily, my Aunt lives not too far from Waco, so it’s a double win, see some family and then live the fixer upper life. I visited Magnolia about two years ago and Chip and Jo weren’t as big as they are now. There were some things that were the same but a lot of new added parts. If you’re obsessed with Fixer Upper, you came to the right place.

I was super lucky to go on a sunny day and the high was 73. If you’ve ever been to Texas you know that place is hot as hell. Magnolia was WAAAAAY busier than the last time I was there, but it makes sense because the Gaines family rose in popularity. If you’ve watched the show, you know Jo has a great eye for design and the store definitely reflects that.

She staged everything to where I wanted to buy every single item in the store. Let me tell you, the prices there are OUTRAGEOUS. You’re better off buying their Target line. With all the great scenery you know it was time for a photoshoot. I took pictures everywhere to show off my outfit and outfit details. I will list the brands and items below.

Outfit details:

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Top: Vintage

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Coach

What’s your favorite reality show?

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My shopping haul 11-2

So I’m currently in Texas visiting family and am in the works of taking really fun pictures for my post next week! I’ve been a little MIA, but not to worry, I have a shopping haul of things I purchased yesterday! I’m excited about my new things, but also nervous about how I will fit this in my luggage on the way back home. Guess I’ll have to wear it all.

So here I am in all my glory, fresh off the plane. This is my beautiful aunt who I am obsessed with. It’s safe to say our style was complimented everywhere we went.

The first place we went to was Buffalo Exchange Dallas. This is obviously one of my favs because the real housewives probably sell here as well as the rich college students! I walked out with the CUTEST pair of Coach shoes.

Are you dying over the 3D flowers???

The next place we went to was an outdoor mall with my two fav places. Free People and Anthropologie. Yes. Yes. And yes. Burry me there and make my ashes into a sweater. Kidding.

1st was Anthropologie, I got these super cute Pilcro and the letterpress pants with slits up to the thigh. I also got this striped sweater tee. You may see a theme, I am currently curating my style to be 70’s AF. It’s a look honey. I will definitely post an outfit with these pants, I’m waaay too excited to style these.

Last was Free People (MY ABSOLUTE FAV).

I picked up an embroidered 2-piece set and this onesie that is the most boxy thing I will ever own. These may not be the most practical for winter in Seattle, but I’m still excited to wear them. I’ll make it work!

Alrighty, I’m getting back to my last night in Texas, ya’ll!!

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El Futuro es Femeninx


All photographs taken and edited by Karya Schanilec in Wallingford, Seattle.

This post is a quick outfit post highlighting a few of my fav pieces. Outfit details posted here:

Shirt: Otherwild


Skirt: Free people

Shoes: Chloe

Handbag: Vintage handmade

Unfortunately, the skirt and shoes are a few seasons ago so I can’t link them. This outfit was inspired by the vibrant hispanic roots and culture I grew up around. If you guys are in the Seattle area you must check out Nordstrom’s pop-in: Viva Mexico! , which I’ll link here. I would buy everything if I could. Enjoy!

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Buffalo find of the week: 8-20

I plan to post my favorite find from Buffalo Exchange each week. I don’t have a set day, since something wonderful comes into Buffalo daily, but I will do my best to be consistent. I’m excited for this section of my blog because when I find something cool, I am OBSESSED. I hope you all get excited and love the things I find as well.


This week I found this amazing handmade blouse that reminds me of worry dolls, which are most common in hispanic families. These little dolls originated in Guatemala and are often given to children. The legend has it, that if something is worrying you, you tell the doll your worry and the doll then absorbs your worry so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Each doll will only hold one worry, which is why you usually have many dolls. My Mom always gave me these as a kid and I have been infatuated with them ever since. They are a nostalgic piece of my childhood that I want to keep forever. I actually collect them and have
too many.


IMG_3379I wish there was some kind of label within the garment but all that remains is a ton of thread that has been carefully knotted in order to hold all the thread together. Another piece I picked up this week was this adorable purse. The purse is made of recycled saris from India, which I think is kind of the coolest thing ever. I love a good straw beach bag and it definitely helps that they’re the bag of summer. I definitely find myself planning an outfit around a bag sometimes. I love the vibrant colors and the amount of stuff I can fit in this bag, you could call it a Mary Poppins bag for sure.



Hope you guys found these items to die for! Im currently in a transitional phase in my style and these items are def nailing the idea. Stay tuned for more of my fav pieces!

IMG_3387 (1)IMG_3372

All photos were taken on a Cannon Rebel T3I by Heather Evangelista

Catch you guys tomorrow on a new post!

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