The dinner of my dreams @ The Shambles

Firestone Walker brewing company and one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, The Shambles put together a dinner where each course would be accompanied by a beverage that paired well together. While at the dinner I documented my eating experience. I will go into depth of what each plate is, but please forgive some of the blurriness in the photos for I gradually became a bit more intoxicated throughout the night. I present to you, a food journal on the “Jeffers drops acid” dinner.


I casually strolled in 15 minutes late because I was rushing from work to the dinner and sat down to the candied almonds and marinated olives placed on my plate. I unfortunately missed the other appetizer which was Wagyu Beef Arancini with Romesco Sauce



Next was Hors D’oeuvres, which was one of the most beautiful dishes I’ve seen in my life.


This dish included an in-house charcuterie, with special treats and flat bread (which was also made in-house) There was an array of meats and cheeses and even in-house mustard! When I say everything was made there, I mean it. The dish was pretty and tasted even better.

We were then served salad.


Now this isn’t your typical leafy green salad. It had roasted stone fruit which I’m pretty sure was an apricot, haricot vert (thin green beans), hazelnuts, and burrata (cheese). The dish was sweet, tart, nutty, and rich, a perf combo.

Next, was the pasta dish.


This has hand-cut tagliatelle, salumi bolognese, tomato confit, and grana padano. Im not the biggest fan of the salumi I’ve had prior but it worked in this pasta dish because it gave it good earthy tones.

Right when you think you can’t eat anymore, the main course comes out. Bring on the meat.

That’s right, not one meat dish, but two. The one pictured on the left is a dry-aged pork chop, smoked cauliflower puree, salt plum jus + mostarda. The picture on the right is Dry-aged wagyu top round, chimmichurri, and black garlic. These dished were accompanied by blistered shishito peppers and as pictured in the right photo crushed potatoes. At this point I was more than stuffed.

We had an intermission to digest and while we were waiting for the dessert, they brought out this..


Now let me tell you I am always down for a charcuterie plate, so you know I had to eat this. It had in-house honey, compote, and crackers and was accompanied by the holy grail of cheeses.

Now I knew there was no way in hell I was going to be able to squeeze the dessert in my tummy and started to see everyone look like they were ready for bed.


They brought out the last dish and trust me it’s the last. It was a peach cobbler, with shortbread streusel, and white chocolate pretzel ice cream. Yes, of course I ate this, no regrets, it was delicious.

After this dinner I don’t think I was hungry the next day because I was full of the best food I’ve had in my life. If you’re in the Seattle area, The shambles is a must. After the dinner we got to tour the restaurant and see all the meats they were aging in-house.

Inside the kitchen of The Shambles

Now this isn’t a restaurant if you’re vegan or vegetarian, this is a place if you want to indulge. The food is amazing and as I am writing this I’m trying to plan when i should go next.

See you on the next food adventure!

Living my best life,



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