A day at the pumpkin patch

Besides eating pumpkins, I do enjoy a good pumpkin patch. When living back in California, my family and I would always go to the corn maze and get lost, but then reward ourselves with Del Taco. So when my friend recommended we go to a pumpkin patch I was 100% down. It was fun hanging out with friends and going on a day where all the kids were in school. We basically had the entire farm to ourselves. The farm we were at had an Alice in Wonderland themed maze which was pretty darn cute! The maze lasted about 20- 30 mins, which was the perfect amount of time. There is nothing worse then wondering when the heck you’ll get out of there.

Another thing we couldn’t turn down was heading into the pumpkin patch and looking at all the pumpkins small and large grow on the vines. It’s definitely strange being the only people on the farm but, man did we take advantage of that.



 All photos were taken on my iPhone and edited by me in Snohomish County

Outfit details include:

Top: Dazey LA

Pants: Madewell

Shoes: Converse

Ascot: Lucky Brand

Backpack: Cleobella

Living my best life,


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