How I Pack for Disneyland

I leave for Disneyland in 5 days and thought it would be a good idea to post how I pack for Disney, let me tell you.. it’s a Challenge. Honestly, packing a suitcase/ bag for any kind of trip is a struggle for me, it would be so much easier to just bring my closet with me everywhere I go. Everyone always asks me, “How many times have you been to Disneyland?” To be honest I have no idea, a lot of times! Living in California, I had an annual pass and my family and extended family are Disney fanatics so we would go all the time. Disneyland is a special place for me because I love rides and it’s overall just a magical place.

I will be in Disneyland for two days, which is plenty for me. I start to get overwhelmed by all the teeny boppers and misbehaved children that by the end of two days i’m ready to come home to my own bed. Going for two days is also great because I can pack light.


Anaheim will be in the 80’s while I’m there, thank god. Seattle was raining today and I’m already over it. Although it will be in the 80’s, Disneyland can drop in temperature quite a bit by the time it hits 10pm so it’s good to pack both jeans and shorts.

Here is what I packed:

  • A pair of jeans
  • A pair of shorts
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 2 fun graphic tees
  • Disneyland pullover
  • Disney head accessories (A must.)

It’s hard to be super fashionable in Disneyland, when you’re on your feet all day and usually walk an average of 8 miles a day. I’m always so conflicted when packing for Disney because I want my outfits to be on the cutting edge of fashion and then realize that I want to be comfortable. The most important part of going to Disneyland is going to be the bag you bring and the contents within. Hopefully, I can help give tips and tricks on what to bring into the park, also, who doesn’t love a good “What’s in my bag?” post.

The key to having a successful Disney trip is stocking your bag with all the goods. First off, many don’t know that you can bring your own food into Disneyland, you don’t have to pay the outrageous prices for food. I like to bring snacks because sometimes I get hungry waiting in a line and don’t want fried food or ice cream, so it’s convenient to pull out some popcorn and snack in line. Another thing many don’t know is that Disney let’s you bring in empty water bottles and there are places you can fill it up for free, instead of paying $4-6 for a Dasani or SmartWater multiple times a day. Another important thing to have is toiletries that are important to you. I have bangs so no matter where I go, dry shampoo and a comb are a MUST. If I’m going to be outside in the sun all day, I know these bangs will get greasy, so a comb and dry shampoo go in the bag. I also get allergies whenever I’m back home in California and constantly deal with migraines in my everyday life, so packing tissues and Advil are always a plus for me. I’m that friend who always has different chapsticks, so you can count on me to be loaded with the lip moisturizers. Disneyland can get windy and if you’re screaming on rides chapstick is a life savior. Lastly, I always carry a light sweater in my bag because you never know when the temperatures will change, so being able to bust out a sweater when it starts to get chilly is great. Most importantly, pack your Disneyland ticket and payment methods. I prefer to have a card holder when i’m traveling so I don’t have every coffee stamp card I’ve ever owned with me, weighing down my bag. Your Disneyland ticket is so important to have quick access to, these tickets will be your way into both parks and the way you’ll be able to obtain/ use fast passes.

Hope you guys found this helpful or just enjoy reading my posts!

Living my best life,


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