Buffalo find of the week: 8-20

I plan to post my favorite find from Buffalo Exchange each week. I don’t have a set day, since something wonderful comes into Buffalo daily, but I will do my best to be consistent. I’m excited for this section of my blog because when I find something cool, I am OBSESSED. I hope you all get excited and love the things I find as well.


This week I found this amazing handmade blouse that reminds me of worry dolls, which are most common in hispanic families. These little dolls originated in Guatemala and are often given to children. The legend has it, that if something is worrying you, you tell the doll your worry and the doll then absorbs your worry so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Each doll will only hold one worry, which is why you usually have many dolls. My Mom always gave me these as a kid and I have been infatuated with them ever since. They are a nostalgic piece of my childhood that I want to keep forever. I actually collect them and have
too many.


IMG_3379I wish there was some kind of label within the garment but all that remains is a ton of thread that has been carefully knotted in order to hold all the thread together. Another piece I picked up this week was this adorable purse. The purse is made of recycled saris from India, which I think is kind of the coolest thing ever. I love a good straw beach bag and it definitely helps that they’re the bag of summer. I definitely find myself planning an outfit around a bag sometimes. I love the vibrant colors and the amount of stuff I can fit in this bag, you could call it a Mary Poppins bag for sure.



Hope you guys found these items to die for! Im currently in a transitional phase in my style and these items are def nailing the idea. Stay tuned for more of my fav pieces!

IMG_3387 (1)IMG_3372

All photos were taken on a Cannon Rebel T3I by Heather Evangelista

Catch you guys tomorrow on a new post!

Living my best life,


2 thoughts on “Buffalo find of the week: 8-20

  1. You have always been a worrier. Maybe just anxious. I gave them to you so you could put those worries/anxieties some place and it usually worked. Needless to say you had a lot of these dolls.

    They are a Mayan tradition.

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